Bro Alvin Aba

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Bro Alvin Aba

11th President of CFD San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral Parish Chapter by the virtue of Law of Succession after the resignation of his predecessor Bro Septofel Apurado last June 2013. He was popularly known as  a shock absorber president.  

Before he join CFD, he was a member of some  protestant denominations and was recruited by Bro Septofel Apurado to embrace Catholic faith again and invites him for a private Religious Dialogue. After  a more than of a year of private debate and argument he was communion again to the Catholic faith and officially join in the year 2001.

2013 On his time as CFD president he ordered to desist temporarily the rebuking errors inside of the church and give big space for unity and solidarity of the local members. Administrative crisis in the local chapter are his top priority ,  loyalty to Constitution and by-Laws must implemented as his tools of unity. Some elders bro bro Winifredo Alabate and other minorities threatening his Administration  and file for a re-election (new conclave) in order to ouster the current elected officer from the 12th Conclave, but fail due to his predecessor and majority are still on the support in him. He is not favor of illegal terminating of some elected B.O.D. members without due process of law.

He condemn the violations of the Constitution and By-Laws on his time, Bro Winifredo Alabate and Bro Semeon Caballero attempt to use the name of the organization during their debate to Islam was condemned on his time due to the debate was organized by individual not in the organization and not seeking approval to the Local chapter and national as provided by the Constitution and By-Laws to the National,  therefore he recommend not to use the name of the organization as official representative.

On his first year serving as president, and on the afternoon of February 16, 2014, he calls for a meeting in order to unite olders and the young, the meeting also was  audienced by Parish Rector Mons. Embong Mendoza. He ruled, reproved and rebuked the olders who are abused as elders and no respect to the present administration and the constitution and by laws. The young and majority support him that forces the accused olders to concede and ask for apology then unity was born again on that time.

Requesting for TLM (latin mass) was one of the unfinished business of his predecessor Bro Septofel Apurado and other CFD brothers, Bro Louie Jay Carba has a big part of a cause and supported by Bro Gino Carmelotes was finaly approved by the bishop on his time at the morning of March 9, 2014.

March 16, 2014 he open another bible siminar ” Layman’s Biblical Apologetic Course”  held at Senior Citizen Pavillion of San carlos City, Neg. Occ and was end on May 11, 2014 where Bro Marco Quimod, Bro Christian Mandal, Bro….. are God’s product successfully completed the said course. He accept the 11 candidate for graduation as member  before issuing membership ban for the preparation for 13th Conclave.

On his last meeting of the Board of Director April 20, 2014 , He approved the proposal for the 13th Conclave of CFD San Carlos Chapter was set on April 27, 2014 and issue for Membership Ban prior on that day at 12:00 until  3:00 PM on April 27, 2014 through  Executive Order No. 1-Series of 2014.

On the day of the 13th Conclave, Bro Winifredo Alabate one of the oldster  in the Chapter together supported by Bro Boy Ortega and some, bringing 30 person to the conclave  who are not members of the CFD San Carlos Chapter and was not listed in the masterlist as bonified members.  The scenario was lead to a big scandal of the 13th Conclave, rise up commotion of argument inside  the assembly. They force the president  Bro. Alvin Aba to accept the 30 to become a  members of the chapter so that they can able to cast a vote favor to the interest of Bro Winifredo Alabate.  Constitution and By-laws defenders lead by Bro Gino Carmelotes, Bro Louie Jay Carba and Bro Leopoldo Agabon was strongly opposed for the proposal of  Bro Winifredo Alabate due to it is unconstitutional and illegal due to the President was issued already a membership ban one week before the conclave..  And after they have been much debate, Bro Alvin Aba was feel pressured and accept the 30 none CFD members to cast a vote in spite of his membership ban . The conclave was continue resulted that 5 of the 15 elected officers are not CFD members.   Bro Septofel Apurado was not present on the 13th conclave but closely monitor the scenario, he was commented that the elected official of the 13th Conclave is not valid due to illegal and unconstitutional and inspired the CBL Defenders to make a formal complain to the National.


Chronological position acquired

2001 _ Join CFD

2008 _ Elected as B.O.D. in the 10th Conclave

2013 _ Elected as 1st Vice President in the 12th Conclave

2013 _ President by the virtue of the law of succession


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Bible – Cebuano Bro Septofel Apurado

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