Bro Alren C. Gamao

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Bro Alren C. Gamao

7th President of CFD San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral Parish Chapter elected by 7th Conclave of November 28, 1998 on his age of 27 years old and was the first bachelor president and popularly known as the millennium president

In his time, he installed different CFD unit in sitios, Barangays and parishes, the town of Vallermoso and Toboso in 2000., at 2001 Bagonbon, Canlaon, Escalante, Bandila, Bugtong Linaw, Sagay, Hilaitan. 2002 Prosperidad, Salvador benedicto and Bacolod. Some of the mission chapel units  was upgraded into Chapter after his administration.

He was experienced strugle  as president after Bro Winifredo Alabate was failed to ouster Bro Rosalino Paccial as members of the organization which was not suported by the majority during the meeting of passed presidents.  His apostolate outside of the ecclesiastical boundary on his parish was opposed by Bro Winifredo Alabate who known himself as Diocessan President. He and the board of directors  of the local chapters and members are cease for the support of Bro Winifredo Alabate  since its officers are not coming from different parish chapter to constitute Diocessan but come from only from the San carlos parish chapter.  The crisis was brought the resignation of the chapter Spiritual Director Rev. fr. Ranny Verena and finaly it was fixed and seattled by Mons. Samson.

He was continue defend the doctrines of the Church


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